Boys that are Friends or Boyfriends?

kids-holding-hands.jpegMy daughter started first grade today and in her class around about four boys that she had in her previous kindergarten class. One of them, who my daughter calls her boyfriend, said to his mom today, “I can’t sit next to her because she’s too pretty.” And, in the same sentence, said, “I can’t go over there because her daddy is there.”


Yea, that’s what I thought you little punk! (kidding Max, you’re a good kid).

Seriously though, I realize that this is innocent but there is going to come a time where she is going to have a boyfriend and I’m going to be a mad man.

The End of Summer Sucks

Old Revere Beach, Revere, MABeing a father of two young daughters, every day during the summer is a blessing because it takes you away from the daily musings of the office as well as the typical stuff us dads tend to worry about — beer, food, football, etc. Kidding…we really think having a good home life for our family; ensuring that the finances are in order (current and future); spending time with other family and friends; and, enjoying every minute of life.

The summer is tee’d up for parents, i.e. an open invitation to do whatever you want with the kids — day trips, vacations, pool time, beach fun, backyard grilling sessions, bike riding, etc. It’s the time of the year that you really get to enjoy your family because it’s an active time.

Ending Bullying is Everyone's Responsibility

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The case of Phoebe Prince is well dPheobe Prince, a victim of ignorance and stupidityocumented in the regional, Boston media and in fact, has been spattered in some national news outlets as well. For those of you who don’t know about Phoebe Prince’s case, she’s the young teenager who, after being taunting and bullied for a quite some time, committed suicide by hanging herself in her home, only to be found by her 12-year-old younger sister.

Prince’s case is very sad. There are stories of “Mean Girls” calling her derogatory names, throwing things at her and doing all of the horrible things kids can do to each other.

The 3pm Call

married_coupleAll husbands will chuckle and nod when they read this post. It's about the 3pm telephone call from the wife. You know what I'm talking about:

You: "Hello."

Wife: "Hey hon, how's your day going?"

You: "Good. You?"

Wife:  "Good. What time are you coming home?"

You: "Ah, not sure. The usual I'm guess."

Wife: "Ok. What do you want for dinner?"

You: "Not sure. Whatever is fine. Doesn't matter."

Wife: "Ok, I'll whip something up. Call me when you're leaving."

You: "Ah, ok. Will do."

Now, here's what's really being said.

Ying and Yangs of Dating and Marriage

ying-yangI recently celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary. By no means is seven years a milestone, but in this day in age when divorce papers are as common as wedding nuptials, seven years is a pretty good benchmark. We've made it this far. Haven't killed each other yet. Finances are in order. Food is on the table. Kids are healthy. All is good in the Big Guy household.

As I mulled over the seven years and everything in between, I started to think about the things I forgot during the courting years and the stuff I had no idea was coming down the pike during the marathon that is marriage. It's what I call the Ying and Yang of the marriage process.

Seriously, Control Your Kids

This week the kids, wife and I attended the haunted hallway at my oldest's grammar school. It was very creative and scared the crap out of the kids and event startled the wife a couple of times.

The best action, however, was outside in the 45 minute line that we waited in.


Mom: "Dylan, git ovaheeya or I'm gunna call your dad ta pick ya up."

Kid: "Good. He'z gunna but me more video games."

Mom: "No he won't cuz your bein' a wise ahhhss."Couple more gems:

"What the fhack iz up wit dis line. It's a frickin' hallway. How long ken it take to git through the damn thing?"

"Man...deerz a lot of milfs heeya. Love dis."

Basically, the entire thing was a zoo. There were kids running around like they were giving out free TVs after a hurricane. Kids were bumping into parents. Other kids were screaming. Some of the older kids were being so flip that I wanted to slap them.

This brings me to my point. Why in the world can't parents control their kids? It drives me absolutely nuts. Kids don't rule the roost. You do. You're the parent. You tell them where to stand and to behave.

Then again, after hearing all the potty mouth parents in line I quickly came to a few conclusions:

- There are some really ignorant people in this world that have no class. Unfortunately, there's no test to be a parent.

- The fhackin' dood mentality is alive and well on the North Shore of Boston.

- I can so sympathize with parents of the 1950s. If some other kid wised up, you had all the freedom in the world to give the kid a little dope slap upside the head and if the parent didn't like it, you could bring them to the woodshed too.

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Turning my kids into take-out ordering Jedi's

pizza_boxI'm the take-out king and damn proud of it. There's an art to ordering and finding those diamonds in the neighborhood rough that can bring food-goodness to your doorstep in 45 minutes or less, every time, no matter what you order.

We've taken a bit of a break from ordering out because we've been diligent about food shopping. Not this week though. We've had such a busy go at our daily lives with some curve balls throw in that we've had to order a few times this week. It's gotten to the point where my kids are deciding what they want to eat per "where we are ordering from."

So without any further adieu, here are some wise tips I've passed or will pass along to my girls about how to be a taken out jedi.

Teaching Your Kids the Good Stuff

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When you have kids, your main goal in life is to not screw up theirs and if you can sprinkle in some wisdom, college tuition and the car keys from time to time, you're golden. However, in my household, I am the king of useless information that can make or break a day, a week, a month or a lifetime. Once such nugget of info I plan to share with my kids when they get old enough to appreciate is the sheer genius around what makes a good meatball parm.

Bare with me for just a second.

The Stress Reliever: Kids

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Those that know me will tell you that I rarely stress over anything and live by a saying of, “you can control only what you can control.” To me it’s really that simple.

As a parent, you’ll eventually experience a severe breakdown by one of your kids. For the most part, these breakdowns are caused by a number of things. One could be that they are extremely tired. A second reason could be their eagerness to get a new toy, which you promptly gave the Heisman to.

I liken these break downs to the days where nothing goes right and you’re a hair line away from snapping. You know what I’m talking about. You day goes like this: