Google Maps: Making the World Smaller

Google has been mapping the word for a few years now. Typically, Google Maps has helped us get from place to place...and in some cases, discover new ones. This time, Google takes you off road and into the Grand Canyon. 

A Battle for Social Web Traffic: Brand Pages

Rental Property jpg  406×296

So Twitter joined Facebook and Google today by launching 'Brand Pages'. So what, right? Well, if you're managing a brand or doing so for a client's brand, you're going to want to jump in on the action.

You see, brand's need social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They need to connect. They need to fuel the push and pull action that takes place between the people with products and services and the people that want them.

However, brands are very conscious about their image. They want "some" control over their presence on these networks. Brand Pages provide a false sense of brand security in that the social network dictates how your brand will be presented. There are a certain amount of spaces to fill with creative. There are certain places to put in your company info. And of course, there's always a segment of the network where you pump your sausage, i.e. your news.

This isn't control. These aren't "brand pages." They are apartments. Brands are renting these spaces and are generating loads of traffic (and ad revenue) for the social darlings of the web.

My advice is to take advantage of brand pages in order to avoid squatters, but don't forget YOUR website. Remember that thing right? The online face for your brand that you actually have 100% control over? Well, don't forget to use that and in fact, socialize it. Make your website, your SOCIAL website. Make it the center of your social hub for your target audience. Then, all those other brand pages will be just that -- pages -- whereas your website will be a brand experience.

Just sayin'.

Happy Birthday Mark Twain via the Google Doodle

Google busted out the Happy Birthday Doodle for Mark Twain today, who would be celebrating his 176th birthday (which I find kind of weird, i.e. why are we celebrating birthdays of people that are dead?).

Anyways, Google, in their own Google way, says happy bday with a massive Doodle…probably the biggest I've seen to date.


Click the image when you're at and these are the results you get.

Happy Birthday Mark.

Google Search for iPad is Good But Needs Real Plus App

Downloaded the new Google search app for the iPad and it has a pretty cool new UI. Other than that it's pretty simple. I wish Google would develop a native app for plus. The web based version sucks. As for the search app, it does have voice and instant search -- two cool features.

Google Launches Brand Pages for Plus with No Sizzle

Those of us who are in the media space; have "social media in their title"; are in PR, marketing or advertising, have been tooling around with Google+ for what would be coined in Internet terms, "a minute."

Since the launch of Plus, some brands tried to sneak their way on to the platform, but were quickly booted as a result. Google was basically saying to them, "Hey, we appreciate the eagerness, but we're just not ready for you to set up shop yet."

Well, the store sort of opened yesterday with a slew of brands launching on the platform.

Squarespace for Android

I love being able to blog and create content on the fly. My main weapon of choice is the iPhone 4. However, I do have a Samsung infused by AT&T. Its great phone but does have some issues with battery power.

I've been trying to do more on it to come around a bit, including blogging and creating content.

This post is written with the Android Squarespace app. I love the wide screen on the inFuse. It'll be nice when the iPhone 5 has more real estate.

The Squarespace app is pretty good. It is intuitive, fast and has a great UI.

If you have a Squarespace blog and Android, this will be your app of choice.