Oh the places I have traveled

I know infographics have had their day, but sometimes they grab my attention, especially when they are relevant to me.  

Samsung is pushing their "Next Big Thing" theme in a partnership with Foursquare through something called the Time Machine. 

Here's my Time Machine. 

The Burger King and McDonald's Twitter Hack

Burger King's Twitter account was hacked as if it was taken over McDonalds. That's not the story.

The story is how a brand as big as Burger King would use a password that was hackable.

I use 1Password, which auto-generates complex passwords for all my email accounts, websites and social networking profiles. Not one password is the same as the other and that's the point. 

RIP Posterous: The Death of the Lifestream

Buzzwords. There are loads of them, especially when it comes to social media. 

One of the more popular buzzwords was "lifestream," which was coined mostly because of the experience that Posterous provided its users: a simple way to create, manage and curate content quickly, i.e. throughout your daily drivels aka lifestream.

Well, Twitter bought Posterous last year and is officially killing it off.

Content Marketing for Dummies

Content marketing is all the rage these days. It's the reason why you see a lot "five reasons to", "35 resources you might have missed" type of posts. I don't like them. However, I'm fond of simple writing and sharing of ideas that's digestible for those of you that read my blog. So I figured I'd put together a quick content marketing for dummies post that may or may not be useful.