The #BostonShake: Having Fun at Work

No, this is not a post about the Harlem Shake. It's a post about how much fun I get to have at work. ​

We are a creative bunch. We pay attention to online trends. Lately, the Harlem Shake has been one of those trends we've been following.​

We've been yapping about potentially doing one of our own Harlem Shakes. After a quick brainstorm -- and I mean like :30 seconds quick -- we decided to mash up the Harlem Shake with a flashmob. ​

​I introduce you to the #BostonSHAKE:

When is the Right Time to Have the Conversation…With Your Parents?

One of the last projects I worked on at my former agency was a video segment about senior driving. Basically, society is aging with the automobile and we're outliving the decision to drive by years -- yes, years.

Here's the video the team and I put together that discusses the issue and helps adult children with having a conversation that no doubt, will be difficult.

No one wants to give up the car keys, but sometimes, it's necessary:

Get the Lobster Without the Mess

Lobster  Google Images

I'm a huge lobster fan…or as we here in New England, say Lobstaaaah. Part of the process is throwing on the bib, grabbing the "nut" cracker and shucking those bad boys until the cows come home. The experience of throwing the lobster meat in the butter, eating it, doing it all again, over and over is a beautiful thing. Some people, however, don't want the mess. They just want the meat.

Well, now those anti-mess peeps have their wish.

Brandon Meriweather Got the VIP on the Swole; Gets Cut from Pats

Brandon meriweather jpg  3000×2212

The Patriots cut the last standing member of the draft Class of 2007 - Brandon Meriweather. Not sure what the deal is with this move. I guess he never really fulfilled the role that Coach B. wanted him to.

Or, which is a better guess, Merriweather was too busy getting the V.I.P. on the Swole:

175,141 Water Balloons and 8,957 College Kids

What do you get when you add 175,141 Water Balloons and 8,957 college kids?

No, not THAT type of party. More like a world record.

On August 26th, 2011, students from the University of Kentucky got together for a water balloon smack down. The video is well produced and brings in the energy that the students must have been feeling that night.

It looks like a fun, wet mess.

Article first appeared on Technorati

Live Weather Coverage of Irene Hilarious

Gotta love live news coverage of big storms. It's unscripted. It's raw. It's hectic. And, it can be pretty funny.

Here's a quick snippet from Fox 25 in Boston. They are trying to use Skype to report live, which crapped out. Then, one of their anchors comes on live TV during a stand up…she's soaked.

Is Crawford a Bust?

I realize we are steaming towards the Fall Classic, but these sort of stories drive me crazy.

Carl Crawford has three quarters of a season under his belt in Boston and the media is already asking if he's been a busy.

I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that baseball is the only sport in season -- despite pre-season football. The Sox are dominating the media and the boys at the Globe feel the need to dissect the team in every manny, including scrutinizing the big payroll moves Theo Epstein made in the offseason.

What do you think? Is Crawford a bust or is the Boston sports media making something out of nothing?