Our #BostonStrong Day [photos]

​The growing memorial in Boston's Copley Square is quite the sight to see. I took the family there today. We walked, shopped and dined on Boylston Street. It felt good to support the local economy and be part of the healing process for our great city and our community. Here are some of the images that caught my eye during our visit.

Letter to My Kids about Why We Are #BostonStrong

This is a note that I wrote to my kids about the events that happened this week. I'm not one to sugar coat things and as a result, this post is written in that manner. It includes strong language and is really a way for me to share my raw emotions from the past week. 

We are #BostonStrong.​

Blizzard of 2013: Let's Not Freak Out

We're New Englanders. We've been here before (well, those of us born before 1978).

When I was a reporter for the Globe during the late 90s, I covered a handful of storms, including the April Fool's one.

Super Bowl: Yes, We Boston Fans Can Sulk

Boston has been known, over the past 12 years or so, as Title Town. However, since the 2011 Stanley Cup, Boston teams have floundered when it comes to winning on the big stage. 

The Boston Globe published a story today, on Super Bowl Sunday, about the sulking Boston fan base -- a fan base who has been accustomed to winning, but is now relegated to think about our pre-2001 days when we all found comfort in our losing ways and used those feelings to fuel the passion we have for our teams.