Is the #Brandowl a Glimpse of What Social TV Could Really Be Like?

It's Monday and those of us who love sports are doing out Monday Morning Quarterback thing. Those of us who are marketers, and arguably those who aren't, are talking about the #Brandbowl. 

Whether you liked some, all or none of the multi-million dollar spots, one thing loads of us liked was using social media to talk about them and share our opinions.

Graph Search and the Future of Customized Content

We are in living in a social-network-minded world. People you know, don't know, think you know and want to know, are creating content on a frantic pace. It's hard to keep up with it all. 

As a result, Facebook, the largest network, is trying to simplify how we get our content -- or at least search for relevancy in content. Question is, how will other networks react, specifically the likes of Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin?