Signs from those lost

I'm Catholic, but not a practicing one per se. I believe in God and all that, mostly because to think that there's nothing else past life is quite depressing.

For those of you who read my blog, you know that my Dad passed over a year and a half ago. It's been rough. But since he's been gone, I've experienced things that are way more than coincidences.

Potential opening to a book I'm writing

I've been told I should write a book about how I've used social media and writing to cope with the loss of my father at the age of 56. He was gone too soon and unexpectedly. It rocked our family to the core and is still fresh a year and a half later. Here's what I have written so far...

What We Yapped About on Facebook in 2011

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We all have a lot to say and often times, we say it on Facebook. With over 800 million people chatting their lives away, there's a lot of data to plow through, but somehow, the powers that be found the most popular topics talked about on Facebook in 2001.

Well, this past year we yapped about death, destruction and the Packers:

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