Mobile apps that I can't live without

Mobile apps that I can't live without

As a tech geek, I'm always looking for new mobile apps for my iPhone, Samsung Note 2, iPad or Macs to help me do what I do faster or more efficiently. Whether it's note taking, brainstorming, managing my calendar or sharing grocery lists, I want apps that make my life easier.

Here are some of my favorites that will always have a spot in the rotation (outside of social media apps). 

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Mailbox iOS App Rollout a Marketing Winner

Mailbox iOS App Rollout a Marketing Winner

I'm an Apple fan and as a result, like products and software that takes a minimal approach to the user interface, design, functionality, etc. I'm also a productivity junkie. I like software that helps me organize my to-do lists, work tasks, manage products and of course, manage email. This is why I think Mailbox for iOS is going to be a killer email app.

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Squarespace iPad App Review

Just downloaded and installed the Squarespace iPad app. It works just like the iPhone app, just with more real-estate. So are it is performing as expected. It allows me to post right to my site, add photos to posts, add HTML, tags, etc.

I can also review posts on my blog and edit drafts or live posts. There are also analytics widgets to check site traffic and other measurement stuff that's important to bloggers

If you are a Squarespace blogger and have an iPad, pick up the free app. It's a no brainer.

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Why Apple Made a Mistake by Rejecting Android Magazine App

HTC Running iOS

I'm an Apple fanboy; that's no secret. My iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro are my links to various communication portals, services, family, friends, work, etc. Basically, they connect me to the various tentacles in my world.

Some of those tentacles, believe it or not, reach to products and services that aren't Apple.

Yes, read that one more time.

In fact, I'm a big fan of the Android platform. I like it's openness. I like the variety of apps. I like how Google positioned themselves to compete in the mobile market because of the flexibility of Android.

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Video Support for AirPlay Is Limited in iOS 4.2


I love all the hype around products and especially as people start to dive into them. This is when you start to hear about all the stuff that's not included in that new shiny toy.

Take the AirPlay functionality in the new Apple operating system for example. It's supposed to let you stream content from any Apple device -- iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Macbook Pro, etc. and play on any other Apple device on your Wi-Fi network via Apple TV.

So if you downloaded a movie in iTunes via your iPad, you can then stream it to your TV through Apple TV.

All this is cool, but there's one bit of functionality that AirPlay can't handle according to Daring Fireball:

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Facebook: Say It Ain't So to Mobile Device or OS

facephone.jpegIf the rumors are true, Facebook is working on a super secret project that could result in the launch of a new mobile device or a mobile platform.

TechCrunch has the story:

Facebook is building a mobile phone, says a source who has knowledge of the project. Or rather, they’re building the software for the phone and working with a third party to actually build the hardware. Which is exactly what Apple and everyone else does, too.

Let it be know that I'm standing on my soapbox and screaming as loud as I possibly can, telling Zuckerberg and Company, "PLEASE, DON'T DO IT!!!"

Facebook doesn't need to build a mobile device nor a mobile platform. Why? Well, mostly because iOS, Android, RIM and Windows have the platform side of things taken care of. Additionally, the world doesn't need YET another smart phone from an Internet company. Didn't you see how Google's NexusOne fared (or should I say failed)?

What the social networking king should take care of is the second coming of their service. They need to continue to push what they do best and stay in front of Google. Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

Facebook is becoming (or is already) of the hub of social media for consumers and brands. As such, Facebook needs to focus on doing that more and better.

Leave mobility, especially the OS and gadget part, to other companies. However, build strategic partnerships and synergies that will allow your company to leverage the latest and greatest coming out of those spaces, all geared towards pushing innovation for social networking.

Article first published as Just Say No to Facebook Mobile Device and OS on Technorati