Potential opening to a book I'm writing

I've been told I should write a book about how I've used social media and writing to cope with the loss of my father at the age of 56. He was gone too soon and unexpectedly. It rocked our family to the core and is still fresh a year and a half later. Here's what I have written so far...

Messages to Dad: The Working Title, "In My Life"

I've been told by a few folks that the stuff I've been writing you should be compiled and put into a book. At first, I wasn't sure. I thought most of the stuff was personal, despite being shared publicly. 

I've been writing to you hereTweeting and managing the Facebook page as a way to cope with losing you unexpectedly. It's helped. A lot.

Messages to Dad: Got Through Christmas OK

Hey pops, we got through Christmas, our first without you. It was pretty rough, but all in all, we had each other to get us through it. 

We talked about you a lot, shared a ton of stories, raised a few glasses in your honor and shed some tears. 

Surprisingly enough, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. We had each other to talk to, lean on and hug. 

Guess that's all we can do. It might get easier as the years go on, but from what I'm told by others that have lost loved-ones, it doesn't. It doesn't get worse either. It just continues to be different. 

So I guess we'll keep plugging along; keeping the memories alive and enjoy the moments we had with you as well as enjoying the moments we will have with each other in the years to come.

Here's to hoping that 2013 is by far, a much better year.   


Messages to Dad: Father's Day

Hey dad, been a while. I hope you are well wherever you are. It's been nearly four months since you passed and it's not getting any easier. In fact, with each day, the pain is pretty unbearable at times. The loss is equal to a thousand yard, gaping hole in the earth caused by an unexpected meteor.

We celebrated your birthday. We had a First Communion. We had preschool graduation. We've celebrated some many things since you've passed and with each occasion, there was a sense of loss that was heavy on everyone's hearts.

Well, tomorrow is Father's Day. It's the first without you and to be brutally honest, it fucking sucks. Sorry for the crass words, but there's really no other way to describe it.

Messages to Dad: Our First Visit

For my own personal reasons, I'm going to start writing to my father. It's personal, but stuff that I think I can share publicly to help with others. I'm calling it "Messages to Dad." Here's my first message. 
Went to visit you yesterday and it was harder than I thought. Seeing your name on that plaque brought back so many memories, sadness, anger, questions and uncontrollable tears.
Susie and the kids were with me. Kayla left you an Easter message. Jordan helped put flowers in the vase. We said a prayer together as a family. I told you about learning to play guitar and some other stuff that's between you and I.
As were standing there with our thoughts, it was pretty cloudy. As I started talking to you, the sun broke through the clouds and I felt that you were there with us. I couldn't hear you, but you were there. 
It's not getting easier or harder, it's just evidently different and always will be.
I miss you dad. See you later this month on your birthday.