Red Sox Pushing Hard on the Public Relations Front

Chicken and beer. September collapse. The firing of Terry Francona. The hiring and eventul firing of Bobby Valentine. 

Since the 2007 World Series Championship season, the Red Sox have been in shambles. The team is more of a side attraction to what is Fenway Park, the amusement park that the owners are selling more than the product on the team.

Fans are fed up as season ticket sales are down. The team is on the bottom wrung of fandom in Boston.

Queue the public relations onslaught.

The Boston Red Sox are in Shambles and the Real Fans Probably Enjoy It


The 2011 Boston Red Sox won't be remembered for winning a ton of games. They won't be remembered for an ace pitching staff that rocked the AL. They won't be remembered for grinding out wins after a very rocky start to the season.

They will be remembered for "The Collapse."

As most sports fans know, the Sox were sitting pretty in the AL East up until August. The team slowly declined and lost the division lead to the Yankees. The skid continued well into September and the Sox found themselves clinging on to the Wild Card spot in the playoffs. However, as fate would have it, a surging Tampa Bay team played their guts out, won the Wild Card spot, while the Sox pointed fingers at each other and wondered, "What if?"

There were many things to point towards in terms of the reason for the demise of the 2011 Boston Red Sox. However, instead of speculating, the Boston Globe did a investigate reporting type article, detailing the postmortem.

Here are the highlights: