Content Marketing for Dummies

Content marketing is all the rage these days. It's the reason why you see a lot "five reasons to", "35 resources you might have missed" type of posts. I don't like them. However, I'm fond of simple writing and sharing of ideas that's digestible for those of you that read my blog. So I figured I'd put together a quick content marketing for dummies post that may or may not be useful. 

Taapi: Social Gaming Meets Global Energy Conservation

We all need side projects. They keep the creative juices flowing. My side project is called Taapi, a social game that will help with conserving global energy. 

Here's how:

The Social Hive: Putting Social Media Lists, Circles and Categories to Work

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Life naturally categorizes the relationship you create and maintain over the years: family, friends, co-workers, college buds, ex's, etc. Social media is no different. And, because folks like myself tend to collect people over the years, our social networks get very busy, loud, crowded and overwhelming at times.

It's nearly becoming unmanageable. I can't possibly following 1000+ people on Twitter and really know every single one of them. Add on Google+, Facebook, flickr, et al and all of a sudden, you have an ecosystem of people that fit into one category or another.

This is why lists, circles, groups, etc. are so important in keeping tabs on your social hive, as I call it.

Finding a Job isn't Hard; It Just Takes Work

At the end of last year, I lost my job. It was a pretty big shock, but one that I was prepared for, sort of. You see, I'm a worker. I get things done. I keep things simple, organized and focused. It is the only way I know how to do things. So when I found myself with about two months to land a gig, I put the following in action.


Five Years, 32k Tweets Later

I was killing time in a car dealership today and cruising through my Twitter stream when I came across this tweet from Todd Defren:

Apparently it's my FIVE YEAR Twitterversary. Wow. This thing's been on for 5 years? Can you envision it being around another 5?

Consequently, after the tweet, he wrote this about his twitterversary:

I read it and thought hey, I've been on Twitter nearly as long and I should probably reflect where I was five years ago today as opposed to today. Here are those random thoughts:

The Only 2012 Prediction List You'll Ever Need to Read

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This is the time of year that predictions flood the web. I usually do a list of my own and was going to bail on it this year because I just didn't have the energy. However, over the past 24-hours, I've had a handful of people ask me where my list was.

So, in typical Big Guy fashion, here's the only 2012 prediction list you'll ever need to read:

A Battle for Social Web Traffic: Brand Pages

Rental Property jpg  406×296

So Twitter joined Facebook and Google today by launching 'Brand Pages'. So what, right? Well, if you're managing a brand or doing so for a client's brand, you're going to want to jump in on the action.

You see, brand's need social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They need to connect. They need to fuel the push and pull action that takes place between the people with products and services and the people that want them.

However, brands are very conscious about their image. They want "some" control over their presence on these networks. Brand Pages provide a false sense of brand security in that the social network dictates how your brand will be presented. There are a certain amount of spaces to fill with creative. There are certain places to put in your company info. And of course, there's always a segment of the network where you pump your sausage, i.e. your news.

This isn't control. These aren't "brand pages." They are apartments. Brands are renting these spaces and are generating loads of traffic (and ad revenue) for the social darlings of the web.

My advice is to take advantage of brand pages in order to avoid squatters, but don't forget YOUR website. Remember that thing right? The online face for your brand that you actually have 100% control over? Well, don't forget to use that and in fact, socialize it. Make your website, your SOCIAL website. Make it the center of your social hub for your target audience. Then, all those other brand pages will be just that -- pages -- whereas your website will be a brand experience.

Just sayin'.