The #BostonShake: Having Fun at Work

No, this is not a post about the Harlem Shake. It's a post about how much fun I get to have at work. ​

We are a creative bunch. We pay attention to online trends. Lately, the Harlem Shake has been one of those trends we've been following.​

We've been yapping about potentially doing one of our own Harlem Shakes. After a quick brainstorm -- and I mean like :30 seconds quick -- we decided to mash up the Harlem Shake with a flashmob. ​

​I introduce you to the #BostonSHAKE:

What do Ant Traps Have to Do With Word-of-Mouth?

Summer is a time when days are long, sidewalks are as hot as frying pans and beaches are refreshing sanctuaries (especially in New England). It’s also a time for neighbors to have friendly chats over picket fences about local politics, faltering sports teams, family vacations and ant traps.

Yes, you read the last item correctly – ant traps. Just bear with me for a second.

During the winter months in New England, when we are huddled up in our snuggies keeping away the chill of Jack Frost, we tend to bottle up our conversations and thoughts for when our minds have defrosted.

As flowers bloom in spring and grass grows to resemble a plush green carpet during the summer, neighborhoods come alive with activity, sparked by conversations around the most random of things, including ant traps.