That's us. We're awesome.

That's us. We're awesome.

I'm a life-long resident of the Greater Boston area, former reporter and veteran of the marketing and communications business. First of all though, I'm a family guy -- and a proud one at that. My friends call me the big guy and on the social web, you'll find me just about anywhere under the handle BigGuyD (I'm 6'1", pushing 270, normally an offensive lineman, but instead I'm a PR guy). The wife started calling me "Big Guy" and it stuck.

I started my professional career as a reporter for the Boston Globe covering many topics throughout my four years with the paper. I also helped launch during the early, emerging days of online news media.

Since my Globe days, I've spent the last 23 years working at the intersection of traditional public relations and online marketing. Today, it's called integrated media. Basically, I'm a storyteller in that I develop creative marketing and communications programs for brands (big and small) that are measurable. 

Currently, I'm a Vice President for Schneider Associates, an integrated media and communications agency in Boston that is known for launching new ideas, campaigns, people and brands in creative ways that impact bottom lines.

For those what wish to pitch me, please note that I will write about anything and everything as long as there's a #DadLife filter for it.