Doing homework is fun, for now

My oldest is very much into school these days. She absolutely loves it. That's a great thing. She is beyond excited to bring her school work home and show it to me. The teacher gives her little activities to do from time to time. While it's not homework per se, my oldest likes to call it that because she's at home and she's doing work. 

While the process of discovery -- knowing how to read, do math, notice patterns, etc -- is awesome, I'm guessing that her love for homework will dwindle as she gets older and the homework because more work than fun.

Regardless, I shoot these videos one for my own personal enjoyment; two because I'm sure other parents out there are thinking the same thing; and three, when she bitches at me about having to do homework, I can show her these videos and say, "Hey, you used to like doing homework."

Doing Homework from Don Martelli on Vimeo.

My oldest tells me about how much she loves homework. Something tells me that'll change as she gets older and the homework becomes more work, than play.