MySpace and Social Media Attention Spans

We all know that MySpace was the king and was knocked off it's perch by Facebook. In fact, the owner says that MySpace is pretty much worth zippo.

What did MySpace do to deserve this kick in the pants? Why is the service not being utilized by consumers? How can MySpace get off the chopping block and back in the game? 

Not sure it'll ever happen. Here's why.

Consumers are fickle buyers. We like what we like and that's that. We always want the latest and greatest. Our attention spans are :12 seconds. Facebook, Twitter, et al came along and did what MySpace offered, but do it better and did it in more ways (mobile, widgets, browser add-ons, etc.) 

The biggest reason, as most of us know, why MySpace is DFL (dead f-ing last) is because of Facebook. Roll into that the fact that Facebook came with better user options, sleeker functionality, better apps, plug-ins, etc. and MySpace was starting to look like the bastard cousin of social media.

Will MySpace ever make a come back? Hmmm...that's a tough one. It'll take a major overhaul, i.e. MySpace 2.0 (i.e. do exactly what Facebook does, only much better) to get people to jump back to the former king of social media. My gut tells me that the boat has already set sail. If it ends up back in port, it'll be the turn around of all time.