Seriously, Control Your Kids

This week the kids, wife and I attended the haunted hallway at my oldest's grammar school. It was very creative and scared the crap out of the kids and event startled the wife a couple of times.

The best action, however, was outside in the 45 minute line that we waited in.


Mom: "Dylan, git ovaheeya or I'm gunna call your dad ta pick ya up."

Kid: "Good. He'z gunna but me more video games."

Mom: "No he won't cuz your bein' a wise ahhhss."Couple more gems:

"What the fhack iz up wit dis line. It's a frickin' hallway. How long ken it take to git through the damn thing?"

"Man...deerz a lot of milfs heeya. Love dis."

Basically, the entire thing was a zoo. There were kids running around like they were giving out free TVs after a hurricane. Kids were bumping into parents. Other kids were screaming. Some of the older kids were being so flip that I wanted to slap them.

This brings me to my point. Why in the world can't parents control their kids? It drives me absolutely nuts. Kids don't rule the roost. You do. You're the parent. You tell them where to stand and to behave.

Then again, after hearing all the potty mouth parents in line I quickly came to a few conclusions:

- There are some really ignorant people in this world that have no class. Unfortunately, there's no test to be a parent.

- The fhackin' dood mentality is alive and well on the North Shore of Boston.

- I can so sympathize with parents of the 1950s. If some other kid wised up, you had all the freedom in the world to give the kid a little dope slap upside the head and if the parent didn't like it, you could bring them to the woodshed too.

Originally posted at Every Other Thursday.