Renee & Tim -- Wedding Shoot

My second to last wedding shoot of the year was last weekend. Had a great time with Renee & Tim. Another great group of people, who were very friendly and had lots of friends and family to celebrate their day with. The DJ did this great game where the bride stands on one side of the dance floor and the groom on the other. He played "Sweet Caroline," and during the "Bah, Bah, Baaaahh" and "So good. So good. So good" portions, each side had to scream their portion. The bride's side had the Bah's and the groom's side had the So Goods. In the end, the bride's side won, but as the DJ said, the groom "won the heart of the bride" so they are both winners -- a little cliche, but a very cool game to get everyone at the wedding involved. The best part of the scene was at the very end of the game, the DJ went right into some dance music and the floor was packed, all night long.

Thanks again to Renee and Tim for allowing me to be part of their special day. 

Here's the slide show from their wedding:

Renee & Tim ~ Wedding from Don Martelli on Vimeo.