A road warrior I am not

I don't travel a lot for business - maybe three to five times a year. When I do it's usually for a new business pitch, client meetings or training sessions. Being a big guy it's also an uncomfortable experience because honestly, who the heck can fit into those seats anyways?

It's also an uncomfortable experience because I hate breaking my routine. We get into habits and grooves, becoming creatures of habit. When that routine is broken, it throws us for a loop.

The biggest reason travel makes me uneasy is that I miss the family. The kids are young and they don't understand what it means for daddy to be gone for that long of a period, as they are used to routines as well. I know I will see them in a matter if hours, but trying to explain that to a nearly six year old and a three old is like trying to read and understand the healthcare reform legislation. Regardless, it's hard and I miss them (and Mrs. Big Guy as well).

On the flip side, these travel opportunities are exciting and new. It's an experience I embrace because it's good to test yourself every once and a while -- push yourself if you will. Comfort zones are meant to be stepped out of from time to time.

That goes for business practices as well. Success only comes if you take risks and step out of that comfort zone. Eventually those out of comfort zone experiences will become part of the routine. Then it's time to do it all again.

p.s. I am writing this from 10,000 feet. I am having one of those out of comfort zone days. :)