Computer Time for Kids

It is no secret that I am a tech geek. I love all things technology. I enjoy testing out apps, tweaking hardware so it performs better and trying new things that a specific technology wasn't designed for.

When it comes to my kids, I try to expose them to as much technology as possible. I let them play with our old point and shoot cameras, try games on my iPod touch and spin around the web on both a PC or Mac. I do it mostly because I want them to be smarter than me when it comes to this stuff. I want them to be a cut above their classmates and co-workers. Basically, I want them to be the go to gals for their circle of friends, business associates, etc. when they get older. They will be going to college and working in a business environment that will be much more tech heavy than today. Additionally, most of the techies I know are males. Not to say that there aren't brilliant woman in the tech field, but in my experience it is heavily populated with guys.

How do you fuse technology into your kids lives?