Mobile Adoption by Kids & Use in School

phone-cheating.jpgIf there's any proof in the pudding in terms of mobile adoption, especially by the younger generations, check out this story in EducationWeek. The numbers are staggering. The interesting thing is that it appears that mobile adoption is getting younger, i.e. kids are getting their wishes sooner rather than later in terms of getting their hands on a mobile device. I see the need as a parent. You want to be able to reach your kids at a drop of a dime. But how young do you give them one? What's the current trend? Other parents out there, what do you think? When did you or will you give your son/daughter a cell phone? Are you nervous about them using it to cheat is school?

Cellphones in Schools: Flip ’Em Open: "With online cheating growing and the use of mobile devices a way of life for students, schools cannot continue to operate as if nothing is changing, writes Matt Levinson."

(Via Education Week American Education News Site of Record.)