Thanksgiving Review

tums.jpgHere's the run down of Thanksgiving-fest 2009:

  • Three stops throughout the day
  • Two and a half plates of food
  • Six different sides, including mac and cheese, candy yams, squash, some onion, corn and potato thing, stuffing and mashies
  • A collage of beers
  • Stogies galore
  • At some point bicardi and cokes
  • Roasted red peppers with olive oil and garlic, slapped on a mini bagel chip with imported mozza cheese and fresh cut salami
  • Pies galore
  • At some point, some pudding with whipped cream
  • Overall, I had a great day with friends and family. Good memories, sharing war stories, avoiding our wives and just doing what guys do on Thanksgiving. Biggest lesson of the day, however, is to carry Tums around with you. How was your Thanksgiving?