Google Commerce (Social?) Search

As I plowed through the good ole RSS reader last night I came across the news about Google's Commerce search. It's a simple premise really. Google is trying to help our retailers present their products faster and more organized online, just in time for the holiday shopping bonanza.

Check out the video for further explanation:

One thing I found interesting, was the fact that Google's Social Search was missing from this service. Yes, helping consumers find stuff quicker is fantastic, but wouldn't be an even better service if their social search was wrapped up in it? Imagine looking at digital video cameras and having things like blog reviews, Twitter postings and unboxing videos wrapped into user comments that typically appear with products?

To me, that makes Google Commerce Search a much more intuitive product for consumers. Yes retailers might be gun shy about bad product reviews, but hey, that's the game. With social media, there's no more hiding from negative feedback on products or services. The key is to address it.

What are you opinions of Google Commerce Search?