Sunday is the New Monday

Work has been interestingly busy as of late with lots of different projects on my plate - creative projects, new business stuff, presentations and your run of the mill client demands. I find myself using Sundays to prepare for the week, do some writing, catch up on time entry and program management stuff -- all pretty much to get me ready to roll on Monday.

Today I spent the morning doing the stuff outlined above, but then decided to shelf the brain for the rest of the day and play couch jockey.

That got me thinking, since when did weekends start on Saturday morning and end late that night. How often do we get an opportunity to stretch out on the couch and read books to your kids or talk silly talk just because?

The lesson here: unplug for a little bit. The world will continue to rotate. Time continues to move. In these chill out, relax situations however, time tends to move a little slower and that's ok by me.