Smarter Headlines Are Like Bad Cream

I was thinking last week about how cluttered my social web experience is these days. Yes, I know that I am a heavy user of the social web and my online travels have taken me further than most. However, those regular facebook-types are starting to feel a little bogged down by options:

- which photo sharing service to use?
- what service best suits my video needs?
- do I even need a micro blogging service?
- what the heck is foursquare and why do I want to tell people where I am eating?

On the flip side of all of this, we want people to read our stuff. Our attention spans online are measured in seconds, not minutes.

What does all this mean for content creators?

Headlines will make or break the deal. If you're not writing headlines that capture eyeballs, your content is for not.

So, like bad cream in coffee, be smart about your headlines so your content will rise to the top.

How do you get readers enaged? On the flip side, what attributes of content grab your attention?