My 2010 Social Media To-Do List

My social web buddy @PRGully posted about his 2010 social media resolutions. His post sparked some thoughts of my own.

Here are five items on my social media to-do list in 2010:

  1. Take it offline: I have a tendency to get into routines. I'll head to work and bang out 10 or 11 hours of billable time, head home and do my daddy thing. I'll bang out a couple of hours while the kids are tucked in bed, then get up in the morning to do it all over again. Well, there's a thing called the circuit. It's basically the place where all the cool kids in social media go. I need to get to some of these events and start taking my personal brand offline. Now, these events won't drive business opportunties immediately, but they will put me on the grid a bit more and help me establish a stronger brand as a strong PR counselor who knows a lot about social media.
  2. Participate more: The social web has created an environment for folks like me who want to create a ton of content. However, we forget the advice we give our clients -- engage. I need and will do more of this. I have a plan in place to cut my social web hours down by a third and take that time to engage with others on THEIR blogs, hoping to drive traffic towards mine.
  3. Push my POV: I have a pretty interesting (I think) position on where social media is headed in 2010. I don't hear anyone talking about this specific point of view. It's one that I shared a while back on this very blog. It's one that talks about consolidation, selectivity and elimination. I need to start pushing that POV in a stronger manner.
  4. Pay attention: There are a lot of things happening within the social web and I need to pay more attention to the stuff that's happening not only on the trending topics, but that's happening in the weeds, i.e. the stuff that will bubble up to the trending line three or four months down the road. I do a lot of this now, but need to dive deeper.
  5. Challenge myself: There are many areas to improve on when it comes to my use of social media -- writing, video production, photography, etc. I need to improve in each of those areas, challenging myself to push the proverbial envelope -- not only for me personally, but for my company and to get other social web watchers to notice my unique skill set.

What are your professional to-do's in 2010?