Is Social Media Making Us Lazy?

wall-e-fat-people.jpgReading this story about how consumer brands are hunting down consumers where they live and play online and how their business models are being changed because of the popularity of Facebook. Long story short, but the reason business models are being changed is because consumers are spoiled. We are becoming more and more lazy. We expect a product to have a robust review section. We expect that we'll get coupons sent to us if we fan a brand on Facebook. We expect to get the inside scoop if we follow a brand on Twitter. Lastly, we expect brands to bend over backwards if we have a problem with their product, especially if we post a 500 word rant on our blog, i.e. Brand X, ARE YOU LISTENING???? Consumers are in the drivers seat, no doubt. But has social media made us lazy? Are we expecting too much? Do we do any homework on our purchases any more or do we expect every tid bit of information to magically flow to us in our online life stream? In terms of the lazy scale, I think consumers are at a 6, where 10 is the point where we are like the people in the movie Wall-E: Now, I'm saying we're headed to Wall-E land, but consumer laziness will only get worse as more and more brands embrace social media as a content delivery mechanism and consumer adoption grows to the point where we aren't breaking down use by demographics. The Wall-E stage will come into play when the mobile world is fused with social media marketing by brands, i.e. Foursquare. How far off do you think we're from Wall-E land?