AT&T Capping Data for iPhone Hogs?

It's bad enough that AT&T is getting whacked by customers and their top competitor, but now they adding fuel to the fire by basically saying that iPhone users are sucking up their network bandwith. The company is thinking about providing incentives to users for curtailing their data usage.

Are you kidding me? As time moves along, mobile will no longer be the frontier, it will be THE main point of entry for consumers to digest and create content on the web. I envision that devices like the iPhone will be so powerful at some point that it will act as a desktop and sync with your monitors, keyboard and mouse via bluetooth. We won't need laptops and desktops anymore. The mobile device will be our ONLY device. 

AT&T, don't you think that you'll need to expand your network coverage and widen the pipe so to speak? Why ask people to curb data use and reward them for it. You had the idea right by launching an app that will help you find dead spots and improve network coverage. This incentive data move is yet another big chunk out of the brand. 

It's ashame because I honestly think that with a hardcore customer service push, competitive pricing models and a continuous effort to improve and expand their network, they can take over Verizon as the number one wireless carrier, at least in terms of brand reliability.

AT&T, really, step it up. Stop the talking and do right by your customers.