Men, we just don't care

Reading this story on about an office situation where one lady was trying to show her co-workers that she got engaged. After waving her hand around a few times, she finally came out and asked, "didn't you notice the ring on my finger?"

The reaction from her co-workers - one male, the other female - were different. I've seen this happen a million times in the work place. Women get all excited about the engagement, what to see the ring, talk about how it was done, etc. Guys, on the other hand, hear taps playing in the background.

Why is this?

First off, it's a girly sort of thing. The guy's probably broke because he dropped 4-6 k on something he'll never really get to enjoy. It's really about getting something nice and big enough so her friends get jealous and envious.

Secondly, while I love my wife and enjoy our marriage, it's pretty much the end of bachelor hood. If the guy hearing the engagement news is already married, he's thinking:

  • Oh man, is this dude screwed.
  • Wait until he gets booted out of bed and gets the couch for a week.
  • He'll drop dead of a heart attack the minute she asks him to by feminine products at the store.
  • Sex. fhagettabowdit. Yea, you get some, but don't think it's gonna be like it was when you were living in mom's basement.

Single dudes are thinking:

  • Dude, he's toast.
  • Not on my watch.
  • Who gives a crap.

Nice piece of journalism work. ;)