PR Dark Ages

You know when you are in the PR Dark Ages, when:

1) You spend more time on lists than content

2) You look for the "easy button"

3) Your headline is a string of optimized keywords that don't make a sentence

4) You "dry fire" a press release without any context or actual media contacts

5) You email (or fax) your attached press release to more than 30 journalists at once

6) You broadcast your PR

7) You're not reaching influencers who care about your client's brand, organization or event

8) Your client has no friends, fans or followers

9) You think hashtags are the three things that signify the end of a press release

10) You think 90,000 journalists actually read your content

11) You think a Social Media Release is a Press Release with sharing icons on it

12) You publish a release, "because you have to"

13) You use social media as a "channel" for your press release

14) You don't follow @briansolis @chrisbrogan @skydiver or @PRSarahEvans on twitter

15) You're not taking market share away from ad agencies by introducing social media to your clients

16) You've never used PitchEngine to create content designed for the social web

Courtesy of Jason Kitzner @pitchengine.