Real Journalism: The Chris Herren Story

For those of you from the Greater Boston area, you might remember the story of a young hoops star from the Fall River area who was so good that they spoke of him in the same vein as The Answer, i.e. Allen Iverson. For those of you who don't remember the story or aren't from this area, the legend of Chris Herren is more from the script of Nightmare on Elm Street as opposed to Hoop Dreams. 

Chris was projected to have a great college career and make a splash in the pros. He made it to the pros and even played for the Celtics. 

However, Chris carried a lot of baggage with him throughout his collegiate, pro and international basketball careers - baggage filled with drug abuse.

These of the types of stories you vauguely remember or forget all together because it's all bad news. However, The Boston Globe dug this story up from the depths of the journalism grave and provided it's readers with a great looking back, looking forward piece of a local kid who was supposed to have the world at his beck and call due to the fact that he was a helluva hoops player. However, his story didn't work out that way. 

Kudo's to the Globe for a good piece of long-format journalism (classic Sunday story) and for not forgetting those stories that their readers can truly identify with in some way shape or form.