It's about making it easy, stupid

I was trudging through my RSS reader this morning and came across a post over at .think about 10 Ways to Distribute Your Content and Extend Your Brand. Here's the readers digest version: 

  1. Multi-Channel Distribution
  2. Widgets
  3. Micro-blog
  4. iPhone apps
  6. Flash Drives
  7. Incentivize others to share
  8. Think about the copyright  
  9. Share the responsibility for content creation
  10. Branded Watermarks

When you look at the list, you think, yea, no kidding. Maybe it resonated with me because I know these steps and pretty much use each of them to market my personal brand or photography services or use them as sales tactics when I'm chasing down business for work. However, when I think about big brands, not all of them are following this type of advice. Are they not getting the right advice? Do they not feel an iPhone app or incentives are going to drive sales, website visitors, etc.? These suggestions - with exception of the iPhone app - are low cost, high impact tactics. If you're a brand manager and not following these no-brainer steps, you should.

After all, it's all about making it easy for your audience to digest, share and engage with your content. Otherwise, you're hearing crickets. 

Are you or your brand doing any of these steps effectively? Care to add others? Fire away...