Tony Dungy's coming to Patriot Country

With the official kick off of Patriot's training camp and the excitement building up to this season, I am starting to get very excited about the NFL football season this year. Will Tom and crew push for another Superbowl? Is his knee ok? Will the mix bag of new players gel with the core group of guys from the previous two years?

Lots of questions, that hopefully will be answered in a positive manner come late January of next year, i.e. Superbowl.

Speaking of football, if you live in the greater Boston area and are around on August 26th, check out Tony Dungy’s RED ZONE ’09 at a local movie theater.

More info from the pitch I received:

For only one night on August 25th, in 460 movie theaters across the country, coaches and players will gather to hear former Super Bowl champion NFL head coach Tony Dungy, joined by a team of premier NFL football players and coaches, share personal training tips and unveil secrets to success. Tony Dungy’s RED ZONE ’09 gives coaches and athletes unprecedented access to professional coaches and players who will present and discuss:

  • Inside tips on football
  • The keys to winning at any position
  • The importance of hard work, team building, conditioning, skills development and mental toughness
  • How parents can help their high school athletes prepare and potentially increase their chances of receiving college athletic scholarships

Typically, I am pretty picky with what pitches I will write about on my blog, but this one had football and was local as this show will be at the Revere Showcase Cinemas. Check it out.