Finding inspiration on the Interwebs

Flickr Photo Credit: shadphotosThe people that know me (an no, not the people I am friends with on Twitter), but the people that tailgate with me, hang out in my backyard and BBQ steak while drinking @magichat and puffing stogies, will tell you that I'm an even keeled kind of guy. It takes a lot for me to get riled up about something -- unless it's sports. I don't have ADD or anything like that. It's basically what I call veg-out mode.

Veg-out mode is something I experience at least once a day with the Interwebs. You see, as someone who has to stay on top of all things social media, I feel like I'm online constantly. That's not what gets me into veg-out mode. What does get me into that mode is the content. I think I'm fairly well read. I subscribe to a ton of blogs and watch a ton of videos. For a space that's on the "cutting edge" it can get a bit stale after a while. Lots of people are writing about the same things. They are creating podcasts that talk about the importance of community. They are talking about trust. They are talking about a lot of things. Yes, I understand what I'm reading and the implications of things like trust and community. What gets me into the veg-out mode is duplication of content. There are a few people out there that are truly leading the conversation about social media. The rest are just carbon copies. 

Thus goes my battle with the relationship I have with the Interwebs. I need it for work. I need it for entertainment. I need it stay on top of trends and keep me on the edge of social media. What I really need out of it lately is inspiration. I have some great ideas, two of which I'm working on for work and one I'm working on personally. I can't share any of them just yet, but I will. I'm not talking about the cure for cancer, but these are some side projects and ideas that will help me do my job more efficiently and get better connected in the social media space.

How do you find inspiration?