We are creatures of habit

Whether you call yourself organized or whether you are a fly by night type of person, we are all creatures of habit. We get up in the morning, head off to school/work, hit @dunkindonuts, get to our destination and settle in for a day filled of mini-routines (checking email, Twittering, updating your status of Facebook, entering your time, etc.). Regardless of what the routines are, we all have them.

With that in mind, I've been closely watching people get on and off the train as I head to work every morning. When I get to State Street Station, there are two options coming from the north side - either you head up the stairs on the right, or your walk around to the escalator that's on the left. Typically, there are familiar faces on the train everyday (doing their routines). I've watched them decide which way to get off the train and head up to Downtown Crossing - some left, some right.

What makes us decide which way to go? How do we create our routines? Why do we create our routines? Is it comfortability? Stability? Does it assure us about something? Whatever the reason, routines exist and eventually you forget about them and just do them. 

The same mentality goes in so far as social media. Do you check Twitter or Facebook the first thing in the morning like I do for some odd reason? Are you a morning Twitter-head or someone that pounds it all day? Do you have your bookmarks set up in such a fashion that you walk right down the list after checking email in the morning? 

Whatever the case maybe, social media has created routines for most of us, but not so much with brands. Yes, there are some great brands doing some great things in the social media space. Then again, there are some great brands that aren't even scratching the surface.

With 300 million people on Facebook and God knows how many others using the likes of YouTube, Twitter, et al, why aren't brands leveraging social media more and making it part of their communications routine?

Whatever the reason maybe, they are missing out. 

What's your social media routine?