One small step for man, one giant leap into Kindergarten

Today is one of those weird days as a parent. In just about 23 hours, I will be the proud parent of a kindergartener. Yes, many have come before me and have experienced what I'm going through right now, but just like the differences in your children, this experience will be different for me than it was for you. 

The great thing about being a parent is that life is pretty much filled with firsts. For example, there's a first time that you see your child; first time you change a poop; first time they get hurt; first time they walk; first time they talk; and, first time they get sick. The list of firsts go on on. The next notch I will chip into the parent stick is the kindergarten notch. There are two things weight heavily on my mind as she's on the verge of 16 years of school. Here they are: 

  • Will she enjoy school and be energetic about what she's learning?
  • Will she make life time friends?
  • How will she adjust to the five day a week, seven hour a day schedule?
  • Will there be kids that pick on her? Will she stick up for herself?
  • Will she excel and be on the front end of the learning curve?
  • What subjects might she struggle with? 

The worries and thoughts go on and on. However, since it's the first time I'm experiencing this, I have no clue what to expect. But just like every other first, I'll roll with it, learn and cherish it.

For those parents out there, what are the firsts you cherish?