Patriots are in the business of winning

I haven't posted about the Patriots in quite some time. I've been hell bent on social media, but with the arrival of the season comes anticipation of another parade in Boston. For the first time in a long time, this version of the Patriots will not feature (any combination of) Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel or Richard Seymour.

Doesn't that sound weird?

Despite the comings and goings, the Patriots will still be in the hunt for the Lombary trophy. Each move was a business decision. Tedy retired because he probably wasn't going to make the team. There are younger, faster and stronger players ready to take the helm. We all know Rodney had to retire because of his knee. Vrabel was an odd situation, though like Tedy, there are younger and faster guys to play the outside LB spot. Now we have Seymour. This move makes total sense on paper. They dump a ton of salary for a guy who was going to command big time cash next season. However, there are two other impending free agents on the roster that the Pats need to sign, well at least one of them -- that's Tom Brady (the other is Vince Wilfork).

Despite this being a good move, the Seymour trade won't help us this year. It won't help us next year either. It might not even help us in the third year when we have the two first round draft picks. It's a move that will help us in about 4-5 years when Brady is nearing the end of his Montana-like career.

The lesson learned with the Semour trade is that the Patriots are in the business of winning. Parades take precedence over feelings and relationships.

What are your thoughts on the Seymour trade and how the Pats will shape up this year?