You Know You Are Getting Older When...

Ok, so 2009 is gone and we're smack dab at the front end of 2010. Last night I had a great time with my friends and family, chatting, eating, joking, drinking, etc. It was relatively low key, but a good time was had by all. The funny part for us adults is that the night is all about sitting around, eating and yapping it up until about 10 minutes before the ball drops. Everyone huddles up in the living room, we watch the now robtic looking Dick Clark and his younger king to the thrown Ryan Seacrest, count down the minutes to the new year.

At this point, the champagne is popped and glasses are firm in hand (we even pour a little for the kids that are still awake). Folks gather around the TV and they huddle up near their respective loved ones. The ball drops. We all count down from 10 and scream Happy New Year. Kisses and man-hugs are thrown around the room. Champagne is guzzled down. Some more hugs and kisses are dispensed.Kids go hog wild with noise makers and the like.

Then it's a wrap.

The clean up starts. Bags are packed. Food is put away. Dishes are washed or put in the dish washer. Cars are warmed up. Kids are bundled. Parents drive home.

That's pretty much New Years with friends, family and kids. Maybe it sounds like we're old because we're not at a club or partying until 4 am, but honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way.