The Traveling Dad

Last week I was away from home, on the longest business trip I've ever taken. I've never been one to travel a ton for business. It's mostly consisted of day trips or quick over-nighters. I honestly don't like it because it takes me out of my routine. However, each time I do, it's an experience that I can chaulk up to my professional development.

This time around, the trip was to Hawaii.

Yes, Hawaii.

The scenery lived up to the hype. The food was fantastic. The people watching was interesting. The travel was excrutiatingly brutal. The three business days were very busy and long. Overall, it was a great experience professionally and I was able to soak in a little bit of the Hawaii hype (courtesy of my cousin and her hubby who live out there).

The toughest part was leaving the family. However, the travel back was awesome because I knew I had "daaaaaaaddy!" to come back to (and of course, the wife).

All of the sun, sand and beautiful landscape in the world can't replace that feeling. Ever.

Next time I go, I'll just bring the family and have the best of both worlds.