The Social Webvolution Has Begun

I told you before. People are going to get sick and tired of social media (to a certain extent). People willl boast that they are unplugging vs checking in. Just recently,Techcrunch wrote about wiping the slate clean for 2010 with the Web 2.0 Suicide Machine. Basically, given it has all your social web credentials, the machine will wipe your footprints away from the social web.

Now, I'm not sure if this actually works, but it is in alignment with what I've been yapping about for a few posts now -- people WANT to unplug. We want to be disconnected. We want our privacy back. We'll only let those in that we want in. No longer will the web 2.0 experience be an orgy of information, but rather a private, small group experience that is controllable and all about the "me" and the "us."

The problem is all the information you need to help you run your life or your business IS online. We digest news more often within Facebook and Twitter than we do newspaper websites or TV broadcasts. Radio? Fugeddabowdit.

So bare with me here.

At one end of the information pipeline are consumers. The pipe is massive and loads of information is coming out of it. Some we catch, some we don't. On the other end, are the people, brands and news organizations creating content and shoving it into their much wider end of the pipe for us to digest. However, on the consumption end of the pipe, we are starting to see valves -- ways for us to filter and digest content how and, more importantly, when we please.

As I said before, this trend will continue. As someone who is all about social media, I find myself unplugging more now than I did three months ago. Twitter can be a headache at times, but also a remedy for said headache.

Point is, we, as consumers, are recognizing that the tidal wave of content is upon us. We boarding up the windows, packing up our suitcases and heading to the bunkers so hopefully it'll wash over us. However, despite the running and hiding, we have periscopes that help us peak every once and a while.