Sometimes Boots Are Needed

The social media space is starting to give me a headache. I'm finding myself grabbing boots to keep from stepping on all the BS.

It's tough to keep reading the same old Charlie Brown's mom talking stuff over and over again. The last half of 2009 was just a big regurgitation of the first half of 2009 -- social media is here to stay; brands need to adopt; it's the new new thing; consumers are in control, etc., etc.

With a breath of fresh air comes Shamable, the no BS guide to social media.

You guessed it, Shamable is yet another blogging community that I'm part of. This one, however, will be no frills and will take some people and brands out to the woodshed for a flogging.

The group of bloggers @dbinkowski has gathered is pretty impressive. The line-up is poised to create a knowledgeable community that will be a legit source for brands looking to embrace social media to move the needle -- no BS, no buzz words, no e-Letters, no nada. Just straight talk and real strategies that work.

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