Google's Roll-Out Strategy for Nexus

Google's Nexus: The iPhone Killer?The uber smartphone war is boiling to the point where the water is starting to evaporate. The wow factor still exists with these gadgets, but yesterday's Nexus one announcement was sort of ho hum, in my opinion (as well as others).

What is interesting, however, is the the roll-out strategy to consumers. Google is putting the phone first and the carriers second. Check out their new "phone" page where you can either buy the phone straight up or get a contract through T-Mobile. In the future, you'll be able to get the phone from Verizonwirelss or vodaphone.

That's the interesting part -- being able to select your carrier.

Before, consumers who wanted the latest and greatest mobile technology in their pockets had to decide service provider first, THEN gadget second.

This is a very interesting strategy because it allows Google to sell more, basically. Will this phone take off like the iPhone? Probably not. However, will this roll out strategy get Apple to think differently about how they offer the iPhone, i.e. build partnerships with a variety of service providers and let the consumer decide where to send their money.

The strategy puts the consumer in the drivers seat -- a strategy becoming more and more the norm thanks the voice social media has provided consumers.