Was Moss Trade an Olive Branch for Patriots?


When the Randy Moss trade went down, Patriot Nation grappled with mixed feelings. Some thought it was about time they shipped him out and some felt that the season was going to head right into the toilet.

What most didn't know was that the Moss trade was an olive branch of sorts, helping pave the way for former Superbowl MVP Deion Branch to rejoin TB12 (Tom Brady) in Foxoboro.

Branch was a focal point of Pats winning ways in the early part of the franchise's destiny-type run. He racked up 213 catches for 2,744 yards and 14 touchdowns and had tremendous chemistry with Brady.

The two picked up where they left off on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens as Branch caught 9 passes for 98 yards and a score.

It's been roughly four years since the two played in an NFL game with each other, but they were in sync on Sunday like there was no break in between.

So, the question has to be asked. Was the Moss trade a blessing in disguise? Did his reported blow out with Tom Brady break the last straw? Was it time for Moss to hit the road knowing all too well that Branch was eager to come back to New England due to unhappiness in Seattle (Brady and Branch remained friends throughout the years).

Regardless of the story behind the story, Moss' departure and Branch's arrival turned into a W on Sunday against a very tough Baltimore team that the Pats might see again in the playoffs.

Olive branch or not, I'll take less drama and more wins over long bombs and erratic press conference behavior any day.

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