Kindness Can Span Time


Today I received a note from a Facebook acquaintance. This is someone that I knew in high school, but we never ran in the same circles, so to speak.

Here is his note:

One day, while at [high school], I was having a problem with a kid from another house. I don't remember who the punk was, but he was about to take a punch to the head from me. You stepped in, basically told the kid to [expletive] off, sat back down and continued to work on something in your notebook. I remember the look on your face (flat top, peach fuzz n' all - LOL) when you turned to look at me and said that if I ever had a problem, you had my back. Strange thing was that we weren't friends, per se. At that time, I could tell you were having issues of your own in school. But you went out of your way for me that day. I always respected you for that, but I never got around to properly thanking you.

So sincerely... thank you.

I honestly don't remember the incident he's talking about, but do know that around that time, I was done with bullying.

You see, in grammar school, I had some kids picking on me pretty frequently. I stood up for myself, but as things escalated, I really stood up for myself -- so much so that one day, the bullying stopped because the morons realized I wasn't backing down.

Around the time my Facebook friend is talking is about the time that I was done bullying and didn't like to see others get bullied, especially in high school. And, to be honest with you, this is something I would do without hesitation.

Now, while I don't remember this event per se, it is nice to know that my intervention stuck in his head nearly 20 years since high school. That's a long time to remember a small exchange like this.

Regardless, his note really brightened my day and is a clear reminder that while bullying seems to be in the news these days, it's been happening for much longer. The only way that it'll stop is if people stick up for each other. Obviously, kindness can go a long way and it seems to span time regardless of when it happened.

Lesson learned, so thank you my Facebook friend.