The Drama of Revere Politics

My disdain for politics is well-known (at least by my friends and those that read this blog). My feelings toward the folks that run the City of Revere are also pretty well documented. To cut to the chase, read the post where I tell the powers that be to STFU and get back to work.

So you can imagine my disgust when I read this article from the Revere Journal.

The Readers Digest version goes like a little something like this: an unnamed source says that one of the mayoral candidates tried to get the cops to arrest another candidate for drunk driving -- actually, catch them in the act, then having them arrested.

The person being accused is George Rotondo. In my STFU post, I mentioned that he has been the only politician I've talked to that gave me the impression that he actually cared about the issues that are important to me:

  • Fighting crime
  • Addressing the drug issue in the city
  • Illegal housing
  • Taxes
  • Accountability in city government

While I know that Rotondo isn't Superman and he can't do everything, I do know that he speaks to the issues and not to the mud slinging that's current going on between politicians at City Hall.

This leads me to my point: why can't we talk about the issues that matter in the election? Why does the Journal have to cover such bullshit "news" as this. The story was obviously a plant by one of the other candidates or at least planted by someone who doesn't want to see Rotondo in the corner office. The question is, why is that? Are they afraid that he'll actually try to DO the job of mayor? God-forbid someone actually hold the title of mayor and work on behalf of the taxpayers that put them in office. Is that so hard to ask?

So then, is it so hard to ask the only newspaper that really covers local issues in this city to focus on the concerns of their readers? How does an article like the one in question inform the voters about who to support?

Now, some might say that I'm a Rotondo supporter and I'm writing this to help show support. Sure, you could say that. No other candidate has tried to approach me and ask me about my concerns. No other candidate has offered to talk about the issues over coffee and talk to me like my vote is important.

But, regardless of who I'm supporting, I expect the watchdogs of city hall, i.e. the editorial staff of the Revere Journal, to do their job to and inform us voters to their best of their ability with articles that focus on the issues -- not this bullshit bickering and political jockeying crap that really is just an attempt to sell newspapers.

Candidates should talk about the issues and how under their leadership, they can improve the lives of residents. And, as a result, those issues and debates are what the newspaper should be covering and reporting to its subscribers.

Is that too hard to ask?