Social Media in the Enterprise Has to Move Toward Outcomes

Social media continues to be a main topic of conversation in business these days. However, it might not be widely adopted as many would think, due to a number of issues. And while a quick Google search will drudge up a slew of media content about the space, a good chunk of it relates to consumer facing tools or campaigns. The most recent, of course, was the Old Spice campaign.

While that campaign caught a lot of buzz, there were mixed reviews as to whether or not that program actually generated revenue for the company or, for that matter, what outcomes were reached.

In fact, the word outcome is one that is seemingly missing from the social media conversation, especially as it relates to collaboration in the enterprise.

Yes, you read that right — social media in the enterprise.

Over at IBM's Center for Social Software, the conversation got an adrenaline shot as a number of execs spoke about cutting-edge collaboration software solutions that will inject the enterprise with real-time tools that can drive outcomes.

Here's Alistair Rennie, General Manager, IBM Collaboration Solutions talking about that very subject:

What do you think about social software in the enterprise?

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