iTunes Beatles Reaction: We Expect Wow from Apple all the Time

We expect so much more from Apple, don't we? When we see images like this:


...the hype machine goes into overdrive. However, when the story gets scooped, then the balloon is popped.

Regardless of the scoop that the Beatles are now on iTunes, we expect so much more from Apple. With each "event" there's a swell of hype and anticipation that gets bigger and bigger as the minutes tick away. Once the announcement is here, the proverbial, "that's it" statements come out.

So why do we expect so much from Apple? Who really knows, but the lesson learned today was that we, the Apple-crazed consumers, have created this anticipation beast. It's our own fault that we get psyched out from these over-hyped announcements.

Is the Beatles discography being available on iTunes cool? Sure. They were a great band that did some historic things. This IS big news, but it was never going to match up to the hype. None of Apple's news will ever match the hype.