Mr. Mom and School Drop-offs

Two to three times a month I do school drop off. I feel like Mr. Mom when they said to Michael Keaton, "You're doing it wrong! It's the South to drop off MORON!!!"

I don't know where to stand. Not sure of the protocol. I am also one of the few dads there. We are the proverbial fish out of water.

The scene is best described as controlled mayhem. Kids are screaming, fighting, dancing, yapping, etc.

It makes me long for the office. Then again, it doesn't because these are the days I'll miss when my girls are teenagers and I just drop her off. She'll be too cool to hang with dad. She'll want to kibitz with her friends. Gossip about boys (brutal). 

I'm not looking forward to those days at all. How do you moms do it everyday?

God bless ya.