What are You Thankful for?


At about this time next week, I'll be recovering from a turkey hangover with a massive sandwich that's chock-full of leftovers. It'll remind me of the great Thanksgiving I had with my family and friends as well as relishing in a Patriots win over the pathetic Detroit Lions.

Before I'll dive into the holiday feed-bag and couch jockeying, I'll give a little thanks to things that are important in my life, sort of important and just crap that I like that's important to me.

Ready. Set. Go. (in no particular order with the exception of the first one)

  • Wife and kids
  • A job and two good part time jobs that support the first bullet and enables our family to have a great lifestyle
  • Roof over my head, cloths on my back and food on the table
  • Technology and all things Apple (yes, I'm a fan boy)
  • Social media, because it ties into the previous bullet and because I get paid to play on Facebook and Twitter all day long (among other responsibilities)
  • Close friends
  • My social network friends
  • Dogfish Head beer (or craft beer overall)
  • Working with smart and interesting people
  • Good and competitive professional sports teams
  • A good sense of humor and a no BS way to approach everything in life

As you can tell, I'm a pretty simple guy. I like it that way. It suits me well.

What are you thankful for?