I lost my iPhone


I went to the Patriots game yesterday and lost my iPhone. My world has come crashing down and Armageddon is right around the corner.

Well, the first half of that statement is true. Yes, I did lose my iPhone (iPhone 4 to be exact). I'm devastated to say the least. It's the device I always have with me for email, pictures, video, etc. Am I worried that someone will get my data? Nope. I have it locked down with a password and the real sensitive stuff is in another application that also has a password.

Can someone still use it? Yes. They can "restore" the device in iTunes and use it to their hearts content -- which is the part that really pisses me off.

How did this happen, you might ask? Well, I put the device in a coat pocket as I was getting ready to leave the stadium after the game. I put it in a pocket that I never use because it is pretty small and things would often fall out of it. I went against my better judgement and put it in that darn pocket and now I'm paying for it, literally (when I cough up a few hundred bucks for another one).

Where does this leave me now? Back to my iPhone 3G -- which doesn't handle multi-task and is slow as all heck.

The lesson: keep your valuables in the same secure place that you always do. Never break the routine. Period.

RIP my original iPhone 4. You'll be missed.

p.s. the ironic thing in this story is that today, iOS 4.2 comes out and it's supposed to have the "Find My iPhone" feature. Commence the laughing...

p.s.s. here are the last three pictures I took with it.