Spygate Part 2: Will Fingers Yet Again Point to Bill Belichick and the Patriots?


Josh McDaniels, head coach of the Denver Broncos, got bagged for cheating, er, not reporting certain a certain video recording of an opponent.

I'm wondering how long it'll take the media outside of New England to blame Bill Belichick for planting these seeds with McDaniels.

From Sports of Boston:

You thought you heard the last of it, but Spygate has reared its ugly head once again. This time, the Denver Broncos have been embroiled in a scandal involving former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and assistant Steve Scarnecchia, the son of current Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

After an investigation, the NFL determined that Steve Scarnecchia took a six-minute video of a San Francisco 49ers walkthrough at practice in London two days before the 49ers won 24-16. The report said that Scarnecchia acted alone and offered to show the video to McDaniels, who then declined to watch it. Still, the NFL fined both the Broncos and McDaniels $50,000 each for failing to report the incident to the league in a timely manner.

The reaction in the media has been all over the board, but SoB pointed out something that I've been wondering:

Is this latest charge against a former Belichick employee an indictment on the Patriots coach and organization? Only time will tell. I can tell you one thing: it doesn’t make the team’s image any cleaner.

Agreed (and I'm a die hard fan). What do you think?

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